Sleep Number Pillows

Sleep Number offers you an unparalleled array of luxurious and extremely comfortable pillows. There are especially designed pillows for people who need special care for their neck, spine and shoulders and there are luxurious pillows for those who demand the very best in comfort. You can even customize and design your own special pillows at Sleep Number.

Sleep Number European White Goose Down Pillow – This is a fine quality pillow stuffed with large cluster 600-fill–power, large-cluster down and is light and lofty. Fill is Freshness Assured – it has gone through a unique cleaning process that eliminates allergens and other impurities in 15 steps. The 300-thread-count pillow cover is manufactured from 100% cotton sateen. You can choose the firmness – soft, medium or firm support depending on your individual preference.

Sleep Number Knee Pillow With Comfort Foam – This is an ideal pillow for those suffering from pain in the lower back. The especially designed pillow helps to align your knees, hips and lower back and provides relief on the lower back. The soft and resilient comfort foam cushions your knees and legs and is designed to stay comfortably in place throughout the night giving you a good night’s sleep. Velvety soft microfiber cover further enhances your sleep experience.


Sleep Number Lumbar Pillow With Comfort Foam – This innovative pillow provides much needed support to your middle and lower back as you comfortably relax in a lumbar chair. The Memory foam lumbar pillow comes with a soft and velvety micro-fiber cover.

Sleep Number Elliptical Pillow With Comfort Foam – This is a multi-purpose portable pillow that is well-suited for travel as it can be easily packed in your luggage. This small pillow provides support in all sleep positions and also offers great lower back support when you’re sitting. It comes with a velvety-soft microfiber cover.

Sleep Number U-Neck Pillow With Comfort Foam – This is a specially designed travel pillow. The portable pillow is manufactured from Comfort Foam (with Active Air Technology) that offers great airflow and helps you sleep better. Its special shape aligns neck and spine and offers you great comfort while you sleep.

Lycocell Pillows By Sleep Number BedSleep Number Lyocell Down Pillow – Lyocell Down Pillow is best enjoyed with Lyocell bedding. The silk-like softness of the fabric gives you an unparalleled luxurious sleep experience. Lyocell Down Pillow is breathable, lightweight, hypoallergenic and comes with Freshness Assured™ fill which helps reduce allergens.

Sleep Number GridZone Memory Foam Contour Pillow – Especially designed soft grid sections in memory foam makes this pillow flexible enough to offer customized head and neck support. This contour pillow flexes when you move your head and then quickly reshapes itself – your spine and neck will align more naturally. The unique design enables better air circulation and hence more comfort.

Sleep Number Pillowology Inner Core – This offer you flexibility to design your own pillow. You can choose between satiny smoothness of down and the firmness of memory foam or request to offer both in your special pillow. The inner core of the pillow can be extra-soft or extra-firm; or maybe you’d like more than one core. It’s perfectly simple and easy to design your unique pillow.

Sleep Number No Shift Body Pillow –It is designed to offer a luxurious comfort to your body. It comes with a unique tri-chamber design which prevents fill from shifting and tapers to support your body’s contours. The body pillow is manufactured from 300-thread-count, 100% combed cotton and comes with a sateen cover.


Rest And Read Pillows By Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number Rest & Read Pillow With Cover–This pillow offers perfect comfort to watch television or read in bed. The read pillow comes with two sections which offer dual support – for your back as well as the shoulder / neck area. You can choose the section that gives you the best support and most proper alignment for reading, studying or watching TV. Manufactured using hypoallergenic cotton, these reading pillows come with a 230-thread-count khaki-colored cotton cover.

Sleep Number Medi-Comfort Snore Reducer Foam Pillow – Unique design of this pillow helps to align your neck and head properly so that your airways open up and you snore less and sleep better. It comes with self-adjusting memory foam and soft velour cover.

Sleep Number Down Alternative Pillow – This pillow is exclusively designed for allergy-sensitive sleepers. They provide superior loft and down-like texture with a unique microfiber and microgel blend. Its smooth fill holds its shape and offer you a great sleep. You can choose the firmness of the mattress – soft, medium-firm and extra-firm support.