Sleep Number Bed Problems

There are a lot of positive aspects of Sleep Number beds such as firmness adjustment, pain reduction, dual chambers etc. however some people may experience certain problems as well. Mentioned below are some problems associated with Sleep Number beds. You need to keep these problems in mind before purchasing the bed.

The Middle Of The Bed

Some Sleep Number bed users have reported dissatisfaction with the middle of the bed where the two reservoirs of air meet. The middle of the bed has a firm strip to hold the two air chambers together. This strip may especially be a trouble during activities such as sex and cuddling. Besides, as the mattress employs air to adjust the firmness, the bed may tend to roll or slide you to the middle because of the slope that forms.

It is important to note that this issue only occurs when the two sides of the bed are adjusted to extreme opposites such as one side is adjusted to 85 and the other is adjusted to 25. This problem is not that common as a very few couples go to such extremes on the issue of mattress firmness.

Sagging Problem

A few Sleep Number bed users have reported that the foam surrounding the bed on the edges starts to compress and stay like that. The sagging part however can be replaced if you are under warranty. Besides, it may be noted that the sagging issues are quite less in Sleep Number beds as compared to any other mattress.

Bed Causes Pains

Some users have observed that their bed caused or increased pain in back, shoulder, hip, and joint pains. This problem has been reported more frequently in the lower-end Sleep Number mattresses as compared to the more expensive models.

Expensive Products

Sleep Number bed users have complained that the beds are quite expensive and they are unable to afford the product. Some users have reported that Sleep Number beds are more costly than any other mattress of the same type/size.

Bed Gets Hot

Sleep Number bed users have complained that the bed gets hot as it retains the body heat. This problem is reported more often in models with memory foam as it is a hot material which retains heat. However, the complaint rate is not lot more than regular/average mattresses.

Mold/Mildew Issues

Some users have criticized the Sleep Number beds for having mold and mildew issues. Click here to read more about mold issue.

Air Loss/Incorrect Settings

Some Sleep Number bed users have reported that the mattress starts to lose air because of which the bed loses the firmness sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. This is a very uncommon problem and the other thing to note is that the setting seen on the remote can sometimes be up to 15 points off in either direction. This may be because of several factors such as the room, people using the bed. To get the full benefits you need to give a perfect setting to the mattress.

Noise Problems With The Bed

Noise issues are usually related to beds which makes use of air chamber technology. Setting up the bed is usually very noisy and may disturb the sleep of the other person on the bed.