Sleep Number Bed Prices (Costs)

Sleep Number beds make use of the most advance technology and most sophisticated procedures to manufacture its beds. We do quality checks at every process and are involved in continuous research and development to improve our beds further. No wonder, ours are one of the finest mattresses available on the market. Good quality comes at a price, hence our mattress too demand some investment.

Price Vary Depending On Model And Size Of The Mattress

Sleep Number beds come in an extensive price range so that one comes under your budget. Price of Sleep Number mattresses vary according to the size of the bed and the model you have selected. The latest Innovative series mattresses cost most than the Classic series mattress. Same way, queen size beds are more affordable than the king size beds.

Why Investing In a Sleep Number Bed Is a Wise Decision?

A great benefit of Sleep Number beds is that it makes use of air chamber technology so you can adjust the softness or firmness of the mattress with the help of a remote control. In addition, the mattress offers Dual Air technology, this means you and your partner can adjust your side of the mattress without disturbing each other’s comfort. So with Sleep Number you or your partner need not sacrifice their mattress comfort for each other as each one of you can adjust the firmness setting depending on your own preference.

Investing in Sleep Number bed is also a wise decision for people who suffer from back and shoulder pain. By sleeping on the mattress with the right firmness, many people have reported relief from their back pain problem.

Fully Assured Of Your Investment

Though Sleep Number beds are costly, we make sure you get full value of your investment. Sleep Number beds are made of best quality material and are highly durable. You get a 20-years warranty with the mattress so you can feel safe about your investment decision. Besides, you also get a 30-night in-home trial facility with the mattress, so if you are not satisfied you can return the mattress this again ensures safety of your investment.

Test Out a Mattress

Some hotel chains use Sleep Number beds in their rooms. A good idea would be to spend a night or two in such a hotel and find out if the mattress is a worthwhile investment for you. This small investment of a hotel room will make your decision making about the Sleep Number mattress easier.

Easy Finance Scheme

If you desire to own a Sleep Number bed but it is costing more than your current saving, you can take advantage of our easy finance scheme. If you pay the installments within the stipulated time in your scheme you’ll not be charged any interest.

Take Advantage Of Discounts

At Sleep Number beds website, we are regularly announcing discounts and schemes, you can keep a tab on our website and take advantage of the huge bargains.