Sleep Number Bed Parts & Accessories

Sleep Number strives to do everything that can improve your sleep experience. The Company offers a range of optional bed accessories to further accentuate your comfort and luxury. Some of Sleep Number’s most appreciated accessories include Sleep Number bed caddy, modular base legs and headboard brackets. You might also consider buying some extra accessories to improve your sleeping comfort.

Sleep Number Remote: This is for those who are looking to replace their old remote or buying a second one. This easy-to-use handheld remote allows you to set the Sleep Number adjustments between zero and 100 on either side of the bed. So with Sleep Number remote you can choose to sleep on a featherbed soft or an extra firm mattress – all at the touch of a button.

Sleep Number Bed Caddy: This is an extremely useful multi-purpose organizer with quilted pockets on both sides of the bed. It can meticulously hold your eyeglasses, remotes, reading materials etc and keep them within your reach as you sleep. This smart and simple bed caddy is designed to simplify life and make your sleep more comfortable. The caddy can be adjusted to fit with beds of all sizes and is manufactured from 100% polyester.

Sleep Number Modular Base Legs: The simple and sophisticated modular base legs offer you an attractive alternative to a traditional frame. Sleep Number exclusive base legs attach directly to your Sleep Number modular base and allow for convenient under-the-bed storage. Besides, they keep your bed in place and let you move it easily when necessary. Sleep Number modular base legs are lightweight and very easy to assemble. They are extremely durable and designed to last for long. Sleep Number modular base legs are available in 2 heights: standard 7 1/2 inch or low profile 4 1/2 inch.

Sleep Head Board And Foot BoardSleep Number Footboard and Headboard Brackets: Stylish and very functional, Sleep Number brackets are extremely useful to attach a footboard or headboard to your Sleep Number bed if you’re using a Sleep Number modular base and Sleep Number modular base legs. One set includes 2 brackets. If you’re attaching both a headboard and a footboard, you need to order 2 sets of Sleep Number brackets.

Sleep Number Rolling FramesSleep Number Rolling Frames: These are designed to support your Sleep Number mattress and modular base. Sleep Number durable rolling frame features heavy 12-gauge steel construction and allows for a headboard attachment. They are easy to assemble and fit all industry-standard bed sizes. The base sits 7¼” off the floor with 5½” clearance at the side of the bed, allowing storage under the bed.