Sleep Number Bed Mold Problems

Some Sleep Number beds made before 2005 had been found to have mold in them. The Company took the matter very seriously as it aims at making the best and error free mattresses. It employed the best technology available to free Sleep Number mattresses of the mold issue. Sleep Number is now an industry leader in the use of antimicrobial agents to deter the growth of mold in its products. Now, its valuable customers can feel confident in the quality and safety of the mattresses.

About Mold And Your Bed

It is rare to experience mold growth in mattresses. It can however, gather in all types and brands of pillows, bedding and mattresses, under very specific conditions. It is encouraged by an accumulation of moisture released by the body into the mattress as well as several other factors.

Presence of mold is first noticeable in the form of musty odor. As mold spores are quite tiny they are hard to notice, however, you can see colonies of mold growth on damp and musty-smelling innards of the mattress. If you own a mattress that unzips, you can inspect the inside of your mattress for mold spores as well as address the issue in the rare case that mold growth has occurred. However, if you own a traditional mattress with a cover that cannot be opened the mold may not be visible.

Advanced Technology Is Used To Free Sleep Number Mattresses Of Molds

Research and development team at Sleep Number is constantly striving to produce advanced and sophisticated products, which redefine luxury and quality in mattresses. It regularly tests its protection measures to eliminate the risk of mold growth in all their mattresses.

Since 1996, the Company has been using antimicrobial foam in Sleep Number beds to minimize the formation of mold. Several years ago, it worked with SANITIZED AG, a world leader in hygiene function and material protection, to reformulate its antimicrobial agents. Select Comfort has not confirmed a single case of mold growth in mattresses treated with the reformulated antimicrobial agents.

How Does The Current Process Prove To Be So Reliable And Durable Against Mold?

The advanced system works in multiple ways to free the mattress of bacteria, odor, yeast, mold-fungi and mildew. In the first step, the antimicrobial acts on the cells and disrupts the metabolic process of unwanted micro-organisms, thereby inhibiting their growth and reproduction. Besides, the antimicrobial treatment is applied during industrial processing of the mattress. The process is undertaken by experts under regulated conditions and ensures optimal protection of the consumer. Moreover, the Sanitized products are developed to last for the entire normal service-life of the mattress without need for after-treatment. The Company further confirms the effects of the treatment through internationally approved standard tests for quality check.

So Sleep Number beds purchased after 2005 are not likely to have a mold issue at all. If you seem to have an issue it is quite likely to be sweat stain or filaments of the air chamber that are darker than surrounding fabric. If you still seem to have a mold problem feel free to contact the customer service department. They’ll do everything reasonably possible such as replacing chambers and foam to rectify the problem.