Sleep Number Bed Assembly

Assembling your Sleep Number bed is easy. With a little patience and attention to instructions Sleep Number bed can be assembled independently without requiring special tools. The mattresses are lightweight and modular, making them easy to maneuver and move. However, before you attempt to assemble you bed, make sure you have read the instructions carefully. This will help you avoid mistakes and get the job done quickly.

Assembling the Sleep Number Bed Foundation

Before you begin to assemble the bed, identify the place where you want your bed to be. Ideally the bed should be located near an electric socket so that you can connect your Firmness Control System. It would also be good to check the contents of your box to make sure it contains all of the parts listed in the instruction manual. Your Sleep Number Bed can use a standard bed frame appropriate to your mattress size. But if you do not have a bed frame you can place your Sleep Number bed on the floor or on the optional foundation legs sold separately by Select Comfort.

Sleep Number foundation should be assembled directly on top of your bed frame. If your bed frame has slats they will need to be placed so that they support the bed evenly and if you have less than three slats you may require to add more to ensure adequate support. To assemble the foundation, you will need to connect the side rails by pushing the components labeled “side A rail” and “side B rail” together. The joints fit tightly so you will need to push them together firmly. You will then need to insert the support beams at either end of the side rails. Slide them into place until the top is flush.

Now, install the foundations legs, if you’ve purchased them, by inserting them into the holes on the bottom of the side rails. The foundation legs raise the bed off the floor without a traditional bed frame. Put on the coverlet over the foundation. The coverlet is similar to a fitted sheet for a mattress. Work with one side at a time.

Assembling the Sleep Number Bed Mattress

To begin assembling your Sleep Number mattress, unwrap your foam comfort pad and allow it to expand for at least 20 minutes. Place the mattress on top of the foundation and unzip the mattress cover. Once the mattress cover is unzipped, there will be an opening into which to place the corner locks and the foam border walls. Make sure that the holes on the mattress cover are at the head of the bed. Next you will need to install the air chambers. The chambers should be placed so that the hose connectors face the head of the bed and lay on the bottom when inflated.

Connect the Firmness Control System to the mattress cover and the air chambers, then place it on the floor at the head of the bed and plug it in. Inflate the air chambers using the remote. If you have purchased the foam comfort pads, place them over the air chambers. Now, you can zip your mattress cover back on. Your Sleep Number bed is ready to give you luxurious and comfortable sleep.

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