Innovation Series

The Innovation series mattress by Sleep Number is the finest mattresses the leading mattress company has made till date. Ultimate in quality and comfort, the Innovation series Sleep Number mattresses redefine luxurious sleep.

Like other Sleep Number beds the Innovation series mattresses come with air chamber technology that lets you adjust the firmness or softness of the mattress every time you sleep. You can also choose to keep the firmness settings same once you have identified your perfect Sleep Number.

Sleep Number beds also come with Dual Air technology. A feature that lets you and your partner adjust the firmness setting of your own side of the mattress without disturbing your partner’s comfort level. While all Sleep Number mattresses come with this technology, a unique feature of the Innovation Series mattresses is that these come with two wireless remote controls while the Classic and Performance series mattresses come with just one remote control. This feature further lets you and your partner sleep more comfortably.

Offering you premier experience in personalized comfort, the Innovation series mattresses have three different models:

  1. i8 Sleep Number Bed
  2. i10 Sleep Number Bed
  3. iLE Sleep Number Bed (Most Luxurious)

The material on top of all these three models is designed to give you soothing sleep. The technically advanced fabric wick away moisture so that you experience the same temperature throughout the night.

The Innovation series mattresses by Sleep Number are also thicker than the other Sleep Number airbeds. These are upto 12 inch mattress and come with a memory foam topper.

The Innovation series mattresses are highly recommended for people who prefer a firmer mattress. The softest setting on this mattress is slightly firmer than the softest settings on the Classic and Performance series mattresses. The mattress works very well for people affected with back pain problems. Many people who have used the Innovation series mattress have reported a reduction in back pain after using the mattress for just a few weeks.

Read more about the three luxurious models of the Innovation series mattress before making a choice. Like all other airbeds, the Innovation series mattress is designed to last long. It comes with a 20 years limited warranty and gives you a real value for your investment.