i8 Innovation Sleep Number Bed

i8 innovation seriesThe Sleep Number i8 mattress is one of the most advanced and luxurious mattress available on the market today. It is designed to give you an ultimate sleep experience by ensconcing you in super luxury.

The i8 Select Comfort mattress has plush 12 inch layer comfort over the air chambers. In addition it comes with three inches of Intralux supportive layer which creates a pillow top effect. Unlike other mattresses which are made from metal coil and springs Select Comfort mattress makes use of air chamber technology. This advanced technology lets you change the comfort setting from soft to firm with the touch of a remote control.

The Sleep Number Innovation series mattresses also come with Dual Air technology. This advanced feature helps you to adjust the comfort levels of your own side of mattress without disturbing your partner’s comfort preference. This advanced feature is especially useful for couples who desire very different comfort settings.

The highly innovative i8 mattress also features a 13-inch Duvet-style Pillowtop. The imperial style pillowtop comes with temperature balancing technology that minimizes temperature swings that can disrupt sleep.

The plush mattress comes with a 3-inch exclusive comfort layer. Made of superfine fabric, this comfort layer contours to your body and naturally supports your curves. You experience a more relaxing sleep and wake up energized. An additional layer of foam atop your i8 mattress further enhances your comfort and support.

Individuals who prefer luxury entwined with comfort will find the i8 mattress a value for their investment. The Sleep Number i8 mattress is designed and crafted in the USA. It is made of highly durable material and is designed to last several years. You get a 20 years limited warranty with this mattress. You also get a 30-nigh in-home trial so you can be assured of your investment.