How Sleep Number Works

Sleep Number airbeds by Select Comfort are one of the most technically advanced mattresses available today. They are designed to offer you luxurious comfort and a good night’s sleep. The mattresses are extremely durable so you are assured of full value for your investment. Learn more about Sleep Number beds – how they work and what makes them so coveted.

Why Should You Go For Sleep Number Beds?

Sleep Number mattresses are technically advanced mattresses that make use of air chamber technology. Unlike traditional mattresses made from metal coils and springs, air chamber provides a gentle and adjustable support. The innovative feature helps you adjust the softness or firmness of the mattress between zero and 100. With the help of remote control you can adjust the Sleep Number setting to a number that best supports your body.

Another extraordinary feature of Sleep Number mattresses is its Dual Air technology. This special characteristic of the mattress allows you and your partner to adjust the comfort settings of your own side of the mattress without disturbing your partner. So with Sleep Number mattress both you and your partner can enjoy perfect comfort without compromising for each other.

How Does a Sleep Number Bed Works

If you are wondering how this state-of-the-art mattress works here is a look inside the Sleep Number bed technology.

  • Air chambers: The air chambers in Sleep Number beds are made of vulcanized, 24-gauge rubber. They are heat-sealed and bonded with non-stretch cotton to prevent stretching, cracking and leaking.
  • The Firmness control system: With the help of a quiet digital remote control you can adjust the softness or the firmness on each side of the mattress.
  • Double reinforced I-beam construction: Sleep Number beds come with durable, double reinforced I-beam construction. The patented design allows the air chamber to adjust to your body contours for more natural spinal alignment, while providing durability and strength.
  • High-density foam perimeter: This feature provides essential support for the mattress edges and air chambers. The edges of Sleep Number mattress are strong enough to sit on, yet resilient enough to bounce back.
  • Luxurious Pillowtop: To make our comfortable mattress luxurious, we have added a layer of a cloud-like Pillowtop.
  • High-quality fabrics: We make use of best quality fabrics, treated to be antifungal and antimicrobial with the Sanitized® process. Besides, resilient fiberfill quilted into the mattress cover provides extra loft.
  • Sleep Number foundation: The foundation provided in the mattress gives a solid and flat base for consistent support to the entire mattress. In addition, the seven wooden slats and two edge-support beams make the bed stable and durable.

Clinically Proven Mattress For Better Sleep

Sleep Number mattresses are proven to offer better sleep than the traditional mattresses. Our airbeds are clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality. Sleep Number beds contours to your unique body type, offer more even weight distribution and support for your entire body. As a result, your spine maintains a more natural alignment on the Sleep Number bed. This lets your muscles to relax and you get a sound sleep. Moreover, as Sleep Number beds offer flexibility to couples to adjust their own side of the mattress, individuals are able to set ideal comfort levels. As a result, pressure points are reduced and you get a more comfortable sleep experience. Better sleep quality means you wake up rested with a positive and energetic mood.

Other Benefits Of Buying a Sleep Number Bed

Apart from the comfort it provides to your body Sleep Number beds comes with several other advantages that makes it one of the most user-friendly mattresses available on the market. Some of the other benefits that Sleep Number beds are:

  • High durability: Sleep Number beds are designed to last several decades. They come with 20 years limited warranty. Sleep Number mattresses are proven to last two to three times longer than a traditional mattress made of metal coils and springs.
  • Suitable for your vehicle and easy to maneuver: Exclusive and well-researched designed of the mattress makes it easy to maneuver through tight doorways. Besides, the mattress can easily be assembled in smaller spaces. Sleep Number beds also meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for flammability.
  • Lighter on the road design: Sleep Number beds are lightweight. This makes it easier to stay within your weight limit.
  • Energy-efficient: Firmness Control system of Sleep Number mattresses operate on 110 volts and feature one to two wireless remote controls depending upon your model. The energy efficient mattress only runs when you make an adjustment. The mattress maintains its firmness setting in the event of a power outage.
  • Available in several sizes: Sleep Number are available in several sizes including:
    60″ x 80″ Queen
    60″ x 75″ Short Queen
    72″ x 80″ King
    76″ x 80″ Eastern King