cSE Classic Sleep Number Bed

cSE classic series 2011 editionThe 2011 Classic Special Edition bed is a limited edition bed that offers you luxury at a very affordable price. The cSE mattress features a 10 inch European style pillow top, smooth knit surface and an enhanced layer of ventilated support to ensconce you in a beauty sleep. In addition, this Special Edition mattress comes with a full 1.5-inch exclusive Intralux comfort material that responds quickly as a sleeper moves. It is inbuilt with five unique zones that are designed to comfortably support the human body’s natural curves.

Very much a Sleep Comfort airbed, the cSE mattress comes with air chambers that can be adjusted with the help of a wireless digital remote control. You can adjust the number from zero to 100 to set the firmness or softness of the mattress depending on your comfort levels. You can change the firmness of the mattress every time you sleep or choose to keep your sleep number same once you have found your ideal sleep comfort.

Technically one of the most advanced mattresses available today, Sleep Number mattresses offer you the unique dual air technology. This state-of-the-art feature means you and your partner can individually change the setting of your own side of the mattress without affecting each other’s comfort levels. This innovative feature works very well for couples who differ with each other on the issue of mattress softness or firmness. Besides, individuals may have different comfort needs because of their special medical condition. In such situations, Sleep Number mattresses help couples sleep harmoniously on the same mattress.

The cSE Sleep Number Classic Edition mattress is designed to last for years. It is made of durable material so that you get absolute value for your investment. Modern updates in the classic series mattress further makes it highly sought after mattress model. An extra layer of comfort makes the mattress look absolutely stunning and assures you of a heavenly sleep.

The cSE mattress is best used along with the Sleep Comfort foundation. The durable foundation is easy to transport and is especially designed to maximize the comfort and support of the mattress.