Classic Series

Classic series mattresses by Select Comfort are airbed style mattresses that promise you a wonderful sleep experience at a highly affordable rate. A take off of the traditional style mattresses, Sleep Number Classic series mattresses offer great comfort for your body by virtue of its Sleep Number Firmness control system. This means, you can easily adjust the firmness or softness of the mattress with the help of a remote control. This state-of-the-art mattress comes with extra soft cushioning with natural fabric that allows you to breathe and enjoy a beauty sleep.

The Sleep Number Classic series mattress also comes with dual air technology. This innovative technology is a boon for couples as it helps you adjust your side of the mattress without causing any discomfort to your partner. Most people follow different sleeping habits and schedules and have different comfort needs. Besides, comfort requirement also vary for individuals depending on their weight and special medical conditions. For instance, pregnant women have special needs when it comes to comfort. Now, with Sleep Number mattress couples need not worry at all. The Classic Series mattresses allow couples the flexibility to adjust the softness or firmness of their own side of the mattress without affecting the comfort levels of their partner.

The Classic series mattress by Select Comfort comes in four different models:

  1. c2 Sleep Number Bed
  2. c3 Sleep Number Bed
  3. c4 Sleep Number Bed
  4. cSE Sleep Number Bed (2011 Classic Special Edition)

The highly affordable c2 mattress comes with a non-digital remote control. But it is still very much a Sleep Number airbed as you can adjust the softness or the firmness of the comfort with the remote control. The other Classic series models – c3 and c4 are even more soft and plush and come with a hand-held digital remote control. The 2011 Classic Special Edition bed comes with an extra layer of well-ventilated support and comfort to further enhance your sleep experience.

Read more in detail about each model before making a choice. You can also consult with sleep professionals to find out which of the Classic series mattress will suit you most.