c3 Classic Sleep Number Bed

c3 classic seriesThe c3 Sleep Number mattress is a highly comfortable Classic series mattress by Select Comfort. It comes with an extra comfort layer to elevate your sleep experience. The c3 mattress is an advanced version of the c2 model. Unlike the c2 model which comes with a non-digital wired remote control, the c3 model comes with a hand-held digital remote control so that you can actually know your comfort Sleep Number and adjust it conveniently.

A 9-inch airbed by Sleep Number, the c3 mattress is embellished with a soft knit fabric that gives you a very soothing and gentle sleeping experience. As against the traditional mattresses available on the market which are made of coils and springs for support, the c3 airbed by Select Comfort depends on a series of air chambers to provide relaxing support for your entire body. And interestingly, you can control these air chambers of your c3 mattress with a handheld remote. So you can easily adjust the firmness or softness of your bed depending on your specific body requirement.

At Select Comfort we understand that partners have different comfort requirements. You and your partner may prefer a different Sleep Number for comfort. But this variation in choice is not a hurdle with the c3 mattresses. Incorporating the Dual Air Technology, the c3 Classic series mattress by Sleep Number offer you the unique flexibility to adjust your side of the mattress without affecting your partner’s comfort levels.

All Select Comfort mattresses including the c3 mattresses are designed to last for years. This value for money airbed is made of vulcanized, 24-gauge rubber to offer it durability. The heat-sealed air chambers are bonded with non-stretch cotton to prevent stretching, cracking and leaking. To further enhance the life of the mattress and to fully experience the wonderful features of the mattress, it is recommended that you use it along with the Sleep Number foundation as it provides the solid and flat base required for the mattress.