c2 Classic Sleep Number Bed

The Sleep c2 classic seriesNumber c2 mattress is a revolutionary airbed that changed the way you sleep. Unlike traditional mattresses which are usually made of metal springs and coils, the Sleep Number c2 mattress comes with unique air chambers which act as a support cushion. What’s more you can adjust your comfort levels with the help a remote control. In the highly affordable c2 mattress the remote is non-digital but still you can very well adjust the softness or firmness of the bed depending on your specific need.

A low-priced airbed by Select Comfort, c2 Sleep Number mattress is equipped with a path-breaking DualAir technology that lets you make firmness or softness adjustments on each side of the mattress with a unique Firmness Control™ System. This technology is highly advantageous as it helps partners to enjoy their own comfort levels while still being on the same mattress. With the help of a wired remote control you can quietly adjust the comfort levels of the head or foot of this 8-inch mattress without disturbing the comfort levels of your partner.

A breakthrough model, the Sleep Number c2 mattress is enhanced with a soft knit fabric that breathes. Its gentle cushioning experience further accentuates your sleeping experience. Because of the outstanding comfort it offers, c2 comfortyou’ll feel rejuvenated in the morning. A healthy sleeping experience will make you feel cheerful all day and your relationships will also improve.

Designed and crafted in the USA, the c2 Sleep Number mattress is made of durable, long-lasting material. Along with a specially designed foundation, your Sleep Number mattress will provide you consistent levels of support. Our firm and durable foundation is easy to install and designed to maximize the benefits of your mattress so that you and your partner will relish the relaxing sleeping experience for several years.