Bed Types

Ultimate in comfort and luxury Sleep Number beds are a preferred choice of people who demand the best of comfort for their sleep. Sleep Number beds come in three series

  1. Classic Series : c2, c3, c5 and cSE
  2. Performance Series : p5, p6 and p7
  3. Innovation Series : i8, i10 and iLE

The fundamental features of comfort remains the same for all three series of the Sleep Number mattresses. Unlike traditional mattresses that make use of metal springs and coils, the Sleep Number mattresses make use of air chambers that can be adjusted to suit your comfort preferences. Each of the mattresses comes with a remote-controlled pump that adjusts the firmness of the bed. You can easily change the softness or the firmness of the mattress between zero and hundred with the help of a remote control.

Another very special feature of the mattress is Dual air technology. The mattress comes with dual chamber version so you and your partner can adjust your own side of the mattress without disturbing each other. This feature is especially desirable for individuals who prefer different comfort settings. Couples with special medical conditions may also prefer different comfort settings. People who are over weight, suffer from back pain or women who are pregnant may prefer different comfort settings than their partner.

People with special medical conditions have expressed delight on using Sleep Number mattresses. By adjusting their Sleep Number settings they can adjust the firmness of the mattress and get a more restful sleep. So instead of waking up with back pain or muscle aches, you can wake up more relaxed and refreshed.

Read more about different types of Sleep Number beds to find out which one best suits your comfort, taste and budget. You can also consult our sleep specialists to learn about which of our mattresses would be most suitable for you.