Sleep Number Bed – Overview

Sleep Number is known for innovating beds that change the way you sleep. The Company’s state-of-the-art mattresses are exclusively for those who are passionate about luxurious sleep and know the value of super comfort. Sleep Number goes an extra mile to ensure every bit of their mattresses, pillows and beddings give you the best comfort money can afford. Sanitation and hygiene are also on the priority to ensure the beds are safe for allergy sufferers. Sleep Number also offers specialty mattresses and pillows for people with specific needs. Also check out Sleep Number exclusive range of bed accessories designed to further improve your sleep experience.


Sleep Number Bed Types

Sleep number beds come in three different types – Classic, Performance and Innovative. Find out which one suits you best.

The Classic series

C2 Sleep Number bed is the revolutionary model that changed the way we sleep. Besides giving great value for money, this plush bed has extra soft cushioning with natural fabric that allows you to breathe. You can adjust it the way you want with a non-digital remote control.

C3 Sleep Number bed ensconces you in layers of soothing comfort, while the digital remote control allows you to make all the adjustments you want to. – and all at the touch of a button.

C4 Sleep Number bed is for those who value sleeping luxury at pocket-friendly prices. The handheld remote lets you adjust the firmness you require while you relax in comfortable contouring material and a breathable sleeping surface.

2011 Sleep Number Classic Special Edition Bed is the classic sleeping sensation but with an extra layer of well – ventilated support and comfort. Each side of the bed can be adjusted for firmness, so it is just perfect for couples. This is a limited offer only, so go grab your unique luxury bed at a surprisingly affordable price.

The Performance series

P5 Sleep Number bed is one of the most popular beds in this series. Your very own oasis of luxury is topped with a super-soft comfort material with an exclusive knit fabric underneath that allows your skin to breathe.

P6 Sleep Number bed has a generous layer of special comfort material and breathable knit relief that provides great pressure point relief as well as added cushioning support.

P7 Sleep Number bed is one of the most flexible and adjustable beds available in the market. You get to experience many benefits that other memory foam beds don’t offer.

TheInnovation series

I8 Sleep Number bed combines state of the art technology and supreme elegance. You get comfort sleep all night long with exclusive temperature-balancing fabric that is specially designed for providing a layer of quick response relaxation.

I10 Sleep Number bed gives you the most memorable sleeping experience of your life. This is a highly customizable bed offering reversible dual foam layering along with temperature balancing technology.


Foam Pillows By Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number European White Goose Down Pillow – This is a fine quality pillow stuffed with large cluster 600 fill –power down. Fill (Freshness Assured) is a unique cleaning process that eliminates allergens and other impurities in 15 steps. The 300 thread count pillow cover is manufactured from 100% cotton satin.

Sleep Number Knee Pillow with Comfort Foam – This is a great pillow for those with pain in the lower back because it helps to align the knees, hips and back and reduces pressure on the lower back. Sleep will be far more comfortable with the soft and highly resilient foam knee pillow that stays in place all night long. The pillow also has an extra-soft micro-fiber cover.

Sleep Number Lumbar Pillow with Comfort Foam – Enjoy the benefits of complete middle and lower back support as you comfortably relax in a lumbar chair. The Memory foam lumbar pillow comes with a soft and velvety micro-fiber cover.

Sleep Number Elliptical Pillow with Comfort Foam – This is a multi-purpose pillow that provides great lower back support when you’re sitting as well as in any sleeping position. It also doubles up as a travel pillow that can be easily packed in your luggage.

Sleep Number U-Neck Pillow with Comfort Foam – This u-shaped pillow is specially designed for travelers who are perpetually on the move. Manufactured from Comfort Foam (with Active Air Technology), this travel pillow offers really great airflow that helps you sleep better.

Sleep Number Lyocell Down Pillow – If softness and comfort are what you are looking for, you’ve found the right pillow. Most sleep experts recommend using the silky Lyocell bedding with this pillow. Breathable and lightweight, the Lyocell Down® Pillow is meant for those who appreciate sleeping in luxury.

Sleep Number GridZone Memory Foam Contour Pillow – This pillow has soft grid sections in memory foam and is flexible enough for customized head and neck support. This contour pillow flexes when you move your head and then quickly reshapes itself – your spine and neck will align more naturally. The unique design enables better air circulation and hence more comfort.

Sleep Number Pillowology Inner Core – Whether it is the satiny smoothness of down or the firmness of memory foam, you can now have either or both in your customized pillow. The inner core of the pillow can be extra-soft or extra-firm; or maybe you’d like more than one core – It’s perfectly simple and easy to design your unique pillow.

Sleep Number No Shift Body Pillow – Getting restless nights? Try the No Shift pillow that has three chambers designed to prevent the fill from shifting and gives you a good night’s rest. This intuitive pillow shapes itself to support the contours of your body. Manufactured from 300 thread count, 100% combed cotton; it also comes with a satin cover.

Sleep Number Rest & Read Pillow with Cover – If you are looking for something that allows you to watch television or read in bed, this is the right pillow for you. The read pillow supports the back as well as the shoulder / neck area – you can choose on the basis of the activity you’re doing. Manufactured hypoallergenic cotton, these reading pillows come with a 230 thread count khaki-colored cotton cover.

Sleep Number Medi-Comfort Snore Reducer Foam Pillow – This pillow helps to align your neck and head properly so that your airways open up and you snore less and sleep better. The memory foam pillow is self-adjusting.


I’m sure you’ve seen loads of TV commercials selling sleep number beds. This    sleep number bed review is for those who are wondering whether this mattress is actually as good as it’s touted to be. Read on to know what it’s like:

  • This bed is great for people with back, neck or shoulder pain. Try P5 sleep number bed that comes with dual air chambers, a top cover and pillow.
  • You can assemble the various parts of the bed at home, so it’s quite easy to transport since it comes packed in several boxes that can be assembled in less than half an hour.
  • As far as the performance is concerned, most people who have bought this bed say it’s pretty relaxing and comfortable. The adjustable air chambers do help a lot.

Some Negative Points

  • According to a survey, about 15-20% of sleep number beds users were less than satisfied with the middle of the bed because there is this hard strip that firmly holds the air chambers together. Some people experience a certain amount of discomfort due to this strip.
  • Some users have complained about ‘rolling’ or ‘sliding’ to the middle of the bed because the bed slopes a little.

The above mentioned problems are not very common, and they usually seem to occur when the sides of the bed are adjusted to extreme opposites. For instance, one side is set to 20, while other is set to 80.

Incorrect settings or air loss can also cause a lot of problems. Some sleep number bed users have complained that their bed seems to lose air with no apparent reason. This in turn decreases the firmness of the bed.


Bed Accessories By Sleep Number

You might also consider buying some extra Sleep number bed accessories to improve your sleeping comfort.

  • Sleep Number Remote – This is for those who are looking to replace their old remote or buying a second one. This unique remote allows you to easily set the adjustments on either side of the bed. You can now choose to sleep on a featherbed or an extra firm mattress – all at the touch of a button.
  • Sleep Number Bed Caddy – This is a multi-purpose organizer with quilted pockets that hold your eyeglasses, remotes and reading materials on both sides of the bed. It can be adjusted to fit with beds of all sizes and is manufactured from 100% polyester.
  • Sleep Number Footboard and Headboard Brackets – If you want to attach a footboard or headboard to the Sleep Number bed, you’ll need a bracket set (containing 2 brackets) for each.
  • Sleep Number Modular Base Legs – Our sophisticated modular base legs offer you an attractive alternative to a traditional frame. Sleep Number exclusive base legs attach directly to your Sleep Number modular base and allow for convenient under-the-bed storage. Besides, they keep your bed in place and let you move it easily when necessary. Our modular base legs are lightweight, easy to assemble and extremely durable.
  • Sleep Number Rolling Frames – These are designed to support your Sleep Number mattress and modular base. Our durable rolling frame features heavy 12-gauge steel construction and allows for a headboard attachment. Sleep Number rolling frame is easy to assemble and fits all industry-standard bed sizes. The base sits 7¼” off the floor with 5½” clearance at the side of the bed, allowing storage under the bed.


The ultimate 21st century sleep specialist, Sleep Number bedding constitutes the following:

  1. Sleep Number Bed sheets – From temperature balancing sheets to therapeutic sheets for sensitive skin, Sleep Number has a range of bed sheets to pamper you and coax you into a great sleep. The fabrics are extremely soft and so high quality that the sheet gets better with every wash.
  2. Mattress Pads and Comfort Layers – The highly functional mattress pads from Sleep Number work to keep your mattress clean and to keep you protected from unseen germs that might be residing in the mattress. The cozy comfort layers are guaranteed to offer that extra touch of softness.
  3. Blankets and Comforters – Paying special attention to temperature settings, Sleep Number blankets and comforters are adjustable for temperature on either side of the bed. These are available for both warm and cold weathers.
  4. Fashion Bedding – An aesthetic touch to superb comfort, the Fashion Bedding range is an appealing set of bedding to cater to the needs of ardent fashion lovers. Now your bedroom can look as fashionable as you do with these trendy bed sheets and bed accessories.


Sleep Number Mattresses are created with extreme care and precision so that you could be most comfortable lying in your bed. They make use of air chambers instead of conventional coils and springs. These air chambers bring out exceptional flexibility and firmness adjustability in the mattress.

  1. RV Mattress Premier – Firmness is adjustable on either side of the mattress with a wireless remote. So both you and your partner can get a restful sleep in your preferred firmness settings. The adjustable air cushions are known to rectify your posture in bed, causing better spine alignment and improved sleep in turn.
  2. RV Mattress Deluxe – The RV Mattress Deluxe allows you to have a vast range of firmness levels with a wired, non-digital remote control. With all the medically accepted standards for mattresses, these make an excellent choice for those who are prone to backaches.
  3. Waterbed Replacement Mattress – A mattress for those who have waterbed frames in good condition but need to replace the mattress. Firmness can be adjusted on each side separately with a wireless digital remote. The fabric used in these is especially soft and breathable.
  4. Grand King Mattress – With the Grand King Mattress from Sleep Number, you get hold of 30 per cent more space than a standard king size mattress would give you. Firmness is completely adjustable on both sides separately.
  5. Adjustable Sleep Number Bed – The Adjustable Sleep Number Bed goes far beyond adjusting firmness settings as you can also adjust the mattresses to a sitting or reading position whenever you like. The Split King style lets you set different positions on either side of the bed. Shipping, setup and removal are complementary for this one.


Sleep Number mattresses are technically one most advanced mattress available on the market. They are designed to offer you luxurious comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Why should you go for Sleep Number beds?

Unlike traditional mattresses made from metal coils and springs, Sleep Number mattresses make use of air chamber technology. The innovative feature helps you adjust the softness or firmness of the mattress between zero and 100. Another special feature of Sleep Number mattresses is its Dual Air technology. This special characteristic of the mattress allows you and your partner to adjust the comfort settings of your own side of the mattress without disturbing your partner.

How does a Sleep Number bed works?

Here is a look inside the Sleep Number bed technology.

  • Air chambers: The air chambers are vulcanized, 24-gauge rubber and are heat-sealed and bonded with non-stretch cotton to prevent stretching, cracking and leaking.
  • The Firmness control system: With the help of a quiet digital remote control you can adjust the softness or the firmness on each side of the mattress.
  • Double reinforced I-beam construction: Sleep Number beds come with durable, double reinforced I-beam construction. This allows the air chamber to adjust to your body contours for more natural spinal alignment, while providing durability and strength.
  • High-density foam perimeter: This feature provides essential support for the mattress edges and air chambers.
  • Luxurious Pillowtop: To make our comfortable mattress luxurious, we have added a layer of a cloud-like Pillowtop.
  • High-quality fabrics: We make use of best quality fabrics, treated to be antifungal and antimicrobial with the Sanitized® process.
  • Sleep Number foundation: The foundation provided in the mattress gives a solid and flat base for consistent support to the entire mattress.

Clinically proven mattress for better sleep

Sleep Number mattresses are proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality. Sleep Number beds contours to your unique body type, offer more even weight distribution and support for your entire body. This lets your muscles to relax and you get a sound sleep. As a result, pressure points are reduced and you get a more comfortable sleep experience.

Other benefits of buying a Sleep Number bed

  • High durability
  • Suitable for your vehicle and easy to maneuver
  • Lighter on the road design
  • Energy-efficient
  • Available in several sizes


Sleep Number Beds Costs

Sleep Number beds make use of the most advance technology and most sophisticated procedures to manufacture its beds. Good quality comes at a price, hence our mattress too demand some investment. Sleep Number beds prices come in an extensive price range. Price of Sleep Number mattresses vary according to the size of the bed and the model you have selected.

Why investing in a Sleep Number bed is a wise decision?

  • Sleep Number beds make use of air chamber technology so you can adjust the softness or firmness of the mattress with the help of a remote control
  • The mattress offers Dual Air technology, this means you and your partner can adjust your side of the mattress without disturbing each other’s comfort
  • It is a clinically proven mattress and has helped many people get relief from their back pain problem.

Fully assured of your investment

Sleep Number beds are highly durable and come with a 20-years warranty. You also get a 30-night in-home trial facility with the mattress.

Easy finance scheme

If you desire to own a Sleep Number bed but it is costing more than your current saving, you can take advantage of our easy finance scheme.

Take advantage of discounts

At Sleep Number beds website, we are regularly announcing discounts and schemes, you can keep a tab on our website and take advantage of the huge bargains.


There are a lot of positive aspects of Sleep Number beds however some people may experience certain problems as well. Mentioned below are some problems associated with Sleep Number beds.

The middle of the bed: Some users have reported dissatisfaction with the middle of the bed where the two reservoirs of air meet. The bed may tend to roll or slide you to the middle because of the slope that forms. This issue is uncommon and only occurs when the two sides of the bed are adjusted to extreme opposites such as one side is adjusted to 85 and the other is adjusted to 25.

Sagging problem: A few Sleep Number bed users have reported that the foam surrounding the bed on the edges starts to compress and stay like that. The sagging part however can be replaced if you are under warranty.

Bed causes pains: Some users have observed that their bed caused or increased pain in back, shoulder, hip, and joint pains. This problem has been reported more frequently in the lower-end Sleep Number mattresses as compared to the more expensive models.

Expensive products: Some users have reported that Sleep Number beds are more costly than any other mattress of the same type/size.

Bed gets hot: Sleep Number bed users have complained that the bed gets hot as it retains the body heat. This problem is reported more often in models with memory foam

Mold/Mildew issues: Some users have criticized the Sleep Number beds for having mold and mildew issues. Sleep Number has rectified this problem by giving an advanced treatment system to the mattress. So Sleep Number beds purchased after 2005 are not likely to have a mold issue at all.

Air Loss/Incorrect Settings: Some Sleep Number bed users have reported that the mattress starts to lose air because of which the bed loses the firmness sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.

Noise problems with the bed: Noise issues are usually related to beds which makes use of air chamber technology.